The War Heroes
Wars and revolutions came and went, yet the villagers of Broadway and their surroundings remained virtually unchanged.

Captain Henry Lygon and his brother Colonel Edward Pyndar Lygon purchased the Inn five years after the battle of Waterloo. The Lygons were an old and distinguished Worcestershire family and could be dated right back to 1086 in the Domesday book.

The Lygon Family
Between 1839 and 1841, The Lygon's Arms was born (later changing to The Lygon Arms). Swinging proudly outside was the very same sign you can still see today: a coat of arms bearing two red lions supported by a chained black bear and a chained swan and, on the reverse, a Saracen in red, white and gold, paid tribute to the family's role in the 12th century crusades.
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